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My first book, "Katie", is a romantic love story about childhood buddies turned lovers. It had a storyline, but it was mostly about sex. My problem was that I was reading erotica at the time. As it turns out, you are what you read. Where have I heard that before? No, wait, I think it is you are what you eat. I have that problem too! Anyway, I was reading more erotica than romance with little or no redeeming qualities to it. So, naturally, that's what I wrote. (I have since gone back and have rewritten all of those earlier books for content as well as punctuation, spelling, and grammar.) I'm not claiming that they are perfect, however.

Since that first book, I have progressively gotten away from erotica and have migrated toward romance with adult content.

For the last two years, my writing has been geared more toward books with some real substance. I have been trying to write stories that you look forward to returning to because they are interesting and exciting, not just because they are titillating.

I have received enough reviews now about the adult content in my books to know that there is no way of pleasing everyone. I have written everything from very descriptive sex scenes to not so descriptive. What I don't think I will ever be happy doing in a romantic scene is walk into the bedroom, kiss my lover on the cheek, and turn off the light. I mean, what's the fun in that?

So what I really enjoy now is a good story with some excitement, a few twists and turns, a little heartache here and there, and a good dog like the ones found in "That Certain Spark" and "Mistaken Identity".

By-the-way, I never have been able to determine if that is Katie's right breast or her right elbow. What do you think? Don't tell anyone, but I think it's her elbow. However, I could be wrong.


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