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As her bodyguard, Clayton had stood just behind Danielle for years, protecting her from whomever or whatever. She was a wealthy socialite with a reputation for being easy, and he had to stand idly by while she went through dozens of men that he knew weren’t worthy of her. When her father died unexpectedly, she was forced to take control of a company that reached around the globe, and overnight, she went from the limelight of the society pages to being a virtual shut-in.

With her sex life in shambles, she felt isolated, lonely, and depressed. She looked strong in her business suits, but on the inside, she felt empty and vulnerable. She had no one to lean on until she realized what she needed the most had been standing right behind her all along. Now, she wanted him to fulfill her dreams of love and trust, and to do that, she needed him by her side, not behind her. After watching her throw herself at dozens of men over the years, would she be able to convince him to be her lover as well as her protector?



    Cassandra was a bright, young woman who chose to love to the wrong man. This fateful decision almost cost her her life. It would eventually force her to make choices. Choices that would not only reclaim her life, but also her sense of self worth, and perhaps, give her the confidence to love again.

    All too often, we read, or see in the news, where women have been victimized by the very person that was supposed to care for them, love them, and protect them. How does this happen to bright, young, outgoing women who have everything to live for? They watch as their world shrinks gradually inward until there is nothing left but fear and torment from the person they once loved.

    Cassandra woke up from a coma in the hospital, and with the help of her family, primarily her sister, she was able to get away and hide from another family, his family, who would try to control her. However, whenever you run from one thing, you're generally running toward something else whether you know it or not. Refusing to be victimized again, she regains her old sense of self worth and begins to open up to new possibilities with a chance for happiness.





    Katie had taken care of Todd during her four years of high school, and they had become good friends. She was one of those girls that just couldn’t seem to get it together. Her scraggly, red hair, her large, thick glasses, and freckles didn’t make her homely, just plain. When she left for college, she hadn’t fully developed yet, That left Todd with the memory of her as being a skinny, flat-chested little girl.

    Todd liked Katie but in the four years since he had seen her, he had grown into a big, handsome, popular football player. Todd, now eighteen and just out of high school, received an unexpected call from an old friend. Katie was returning home for a visit after graduating. She wanted to have lunch with him, so they could to catch up.

    Sure, Todd had fond memories of Katie, but he wasn’t terribly interested in having lunch with her, and besides, what could they possibly have in common after four years? When she walked into the restaurant,he was in for the biggest surprise of his life.



    Timmy was a big, good-old country boy with a sweet, gentle way about him. He was as strong as an ox, athletic, and a hard worker. He was just shy of nineteen and getting ready to start his last year of high school. Even though he was handsome and affable, he was terribly shy around girls, and as such, he had never dated. His mother had become deeply concerned, but he dismissed her concerns and used the excuse of being too busy to date.

    This is also a story about a widowed, young mother who recognized the problem and was understanding and compassionate enough to try and help him through a difficult period in his life.

My Guardian



    Patricia was in love with two different men. These men couldn’t have been more different. One was a businessman, and the other one was a war hero. One was an okay lover, and the other one was an incredible lover. One was alive and vibrant, and the other one was, well, the other one was dead and had been for a hundred and fifty years. Conventional wisdom would tell us that this just isn’t possible, but it is.

    It began when Patricia and her husband, Ben, moved into a Civil War era house that came with a little something extra, a houseguest. Her husband had been attentive during the initial part of their marriage. However, he began to feel the pressures of running the family business and was no longer taking care of her needs. Their lovemaking became so infrequent that she was worried he might be having an affair, and having sex once every two months just wasn’t cutting it. She would never cheat on him under normal circumstances, but it happened slowly over a period of time.

Lost and Found

Orient Bay Clothing Optional

Andrea's Love



    This is a funny, lighthearted story of love and intimacy between two people who waited twenty years to be together. A youthful indiscretion leads to lost love. He took something that belonged to her. He took a pair of her panties, a pair of her soiled panties, and he was never sure if she knew. Being ashamed, he never asked her out but desperately wanted to. Twenty years later, he still had them and wondered if he should confess his sin.

    He would occasionally take them out, look at their beautiful deep blue color and smell her essence. Over the years, he had became addicted to her odor, but he was beginning to feel guilty for taking them. He began to think more and more about her and eventually realized that he had become obsessed with her. By now, she was probably married with several children, but he had to know. A simple Internet search led him right to her. Now, would he have the nerve to make contact after twenty years and return the panties? He wondered if they would still fit that trim little bottom that he remembered seeing in the photographs hanging on the walls of her home some twenty long years ago.





    Two lonely people, Amanda Summers and Brian Steele, need to get away from it all in an attempt to heal wounds from broken promises and discarded vows. Each came to Orient Bay in St. Martin, for different reasons. Amanda came because she could stay with a flight attendant friend who had an apartment there. Brian came because he had such fond memories of Orient Bay. It reminded him of better days and happier times.  

    Orient Bay is a charming, clothing-optional beach that caters more toward family oriented guests and couples with strict rules of decorum. It is definitely not a place for singles to hook up. Therefore, it was the last place that either of them thought they would meet someone, which, at the time, neither was particularly interested in doing.

    Arriving at the beach late, Brian had to settle for a lounge on the outer edge of the beach service area. After one, ice-cold beer, he was completely relaxed and fell sound asleep. When he awoke, he had no idea that there had been a new lounge placed fairly close to his. Call what they experienced what you may. It might have been chemistry, pheromones, or subliminal desire. Whatever it was, it would mean a new beginning for two deserving people after a very rocky start.



Andrea returned home from college pregnant and single. She knew it was her fault, but she wasn’t going to make things worse by committing her life to the wrong man. Her next-door neighbor, Toby, used to be her best friend, but they had lost touch. He was younger, so they never really dated. That doesn’t mean that he hadn't been interested though. He thought that she didn’t want to date him because she was older and more sophisticated.


Their friendship had remained platonic during all those years, even though they had spent a lot of time together. They might have taken in a movie or simply gone for a walk. However, when she returned home, she had been wounded, and he had no way of knowing. Their old friendship was the basis for renewal, but would it be enough to bridge the gap and heal the hole that had been left in her heart?

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