Loving My Neighbor



    We're not always able to choose who we’re going to fall in love with. Sometimes it sneaks up on us, and we have no control over what happens. It can happen over a long period, or it can take place almost overnight. Very few of us wake up one morning and consciously make a decision to go out and fall in love with someone of a different ethnic background.

    However, physical attraction and lust is a different matter. This is where one part of the brain is in conflict with another part. Raw, physical attraction transcends race, and sex becomes a powerful driving force. In fact, lust and physical attraction, can sometimes be heightened by race because it’s different, it’s exciting, and it’s exotic.         It’s when lust and physical attraction turn into love that the right side of the brain no longer pays attention to the left side. This is a story of lust and raw physical attraction that goes beyond conventional wisdom, restrictions, and boundaries.


Unlikely Love

Surrender to Her Love



    Given their backgrounds, you would expect them to be intolerant of one another and incapable of forging any kind of relationship. They were thrown together in the Wyoming wilderness and were forced to live under the same roof due to circumstances beyond their control. Two people who have no interest in one another must tolerate the other’s presence for a short period of time.

    He's a seasoned, reclusive, white rancher with a tortured past, and she’s a gorgeous, black woman who is running away from problems of her own. Isolation removes prying eyes and many of society’s arbitrary restrictions. Eventually, physical attraction and sexual desire transcends the racial barriers and takes these two from not being attracted to one another, or so they thought, to the point where they can’t wait to feel the other's presence. 




Black Orchid

Mistaken Identity



    Is it possible to fall in love by simply looking at a photograph of someone that you have never met? It doesn’t make sense. Exceptionally beautiful law students, in their prime, just didn’t do that sort of thing. Ashley had never been attracted to a black man before, but there was something different about Patrick. He was simply gorgeous, and he looked as though he reeked with virility.

    She had a decision to make. She was going to intern with one of five law firms during the summer break before she began law school. Her grandfather, the local presiding judge, had sent her photographs of the principals of all five firms. Once she saw his photograph, she couldn’t get her mind off him. It was crazy, irrational, and naive. It was all of those and more. However, she had been studying him from afar for several months now, and she was determined to meet him. She was going to intern with him, and she was going to seduce him.

    She needed the answer to one simple question. Why was she so compelled to have him? Was it the way his expressive, dark-brown eyes appeared to penetrate her very soul and make her shiver with desire, or was it the unexplained five stars inscribed on the back of his photograph when the others had none?




    This story is about interracial love, commitment, and sacrifice. It’s a story about two people that were desperately in love. The problem was that their love had to be kept a secret. However, they hadn’t kept it a secret because of their ethnic differences. No, they kept it a secret because one of them was married, happily married.

    It’s complicated. Jennifer and Juanita had been lovers in college, long before Jennifer married Martin. She tried to give Juanita up, but she couldn't because she loved her just as she did her husband. Their relationship was in turmoil because for six years, Jennifer had been leading two separate lives.

    Juanita wanted more than just one or two nights a week with her lover and was willing to make sacrifices to get it. It was risky because Martin had never shown any interest in Juanita outside of the fact that she was Jennifer's long-time friend. Would Juanita be able to seduce Martin with Jennifer's consent so that the three of them might have a chance at true happiness, or would it tear all three of them apart?




    Hunter Long was a wealthy, good-looking playboy who didn’t care about anyone except for himself. Because of a harmful relationship, he had resolved not to get emotionally involved with any more women. As far as he was concerned, women were not to be trusted. They were good for only one purpose, and that was sex.

    He retired early and moved to Martinique, a predominantly black, French-speaking colony of France. Unable to quench his need for women locally, he eventually resorted to hiring prostitutes two at a time to stay with him for a while before replacing them with two new ones. He stayed on Martinique longer than he had anticipated because it was easy for him to import women from Venezuela and Costa Rica where prostitution was legal. Before long, most of the island’s residents became aware of who he was and viewed him as a flamboyant womanizer.

    He knew he had a dubious reputation, but he didn’t care because he could buy just about anything or anyone he wanted. That is until he met a gorgeous French girl that was beloved by all of the island's residents and whose body he could not buy. She was so strikingly beautiful, he felt he had to have her. When he tried, she verbally eviscerated him so completely that it would change his life forever.




    Alex was certain she was a high-priced escort. He didn’t usually frequent hotel lounges and certainly not escorts, but something about her intrigued him. He couldn’t decide if she was African, Hispanic, or possibly, Indian. He knew nothing about her outside of the fact she was alluring and exotic, and he wondered what it might be like to be with her.
    Shannen was a professional all right, but not the kind he was expecting. She was a multiethnic, sophisticated attorney at the top of her game. She thought the man sitting at the end of the bar, who occasionally glanced her way, was handsome with his gray hair and piercing, dark-blue eyes. It was more than his good looks that had caught her attention; it was his maturity. She thought he looked, well, comfortable, safe, and trustworthy, so it came as a bit of a surprise when he offered to pay her for sex. She was shocked, but not so shocked that she totally disregarded his offer.
    A strong physical relationship leads quickly to the beginnings of love until someone does their best to destroy what they’re trying to build. They don’t know who, but someone sent dated photographs of him with another woman. She’s convinced that he’s lying to her, and she’s been lied to before. A picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?


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