That Certain Spark



   Adam Brewer’s life has been preordained from birth. He was expected to, one day, take control of his family’s engineering firm in Los Angeles. After graduating, he decided to take a little time off to travel to the Pacific Northwest to go camping and fishing before starting what he knew would be a time-consuming and demanding career. He had never questioned his future because his success and wealth were guaranteed.

   On his way north, he stopped at a country store to ask for directions. He didn’t know it at the time, but this small, chance encounter would alter the entire course of his life.

    When he decides to take a detour, it puts him on a collision course with people who could potentially ruin his life as well as the lives of the people he cares about.

When he doesn't return as scheduled, his mother goes looking for him. What she finds will surprise her, and she realizes that she no longer wants him to return to Los Angeles. With her old life now in shambles, she has to decide what would be best for herself as well as for her son.

A review of That Certain Spark


 "This latest book from Christopher Maddox is a beautifully written story about taking chances and finding your own path, despite the many obstacles in the way. This story made me laugh out loud (usually not an easy thing) and cry with sad tears as well as happy tears. This story is filled with good, honest people (except for the villain, of course) who make a good life for themselves in this little piece of heaven known as the Pacific Northwest. If you like feisty redheads, yellow Labs, handsome blonds, happy families, and love at first sight, then this book is for you."

A loyal Maddox fan

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