The series consists of three books: Mrs. Jones’ Secret Life, Tender Restraints, and Unrestrained. The series follows the lives of the two main characters, Nicholas Adams, a student, and Samantha Jones, one of his teachers. The story of teacher-student relationships is a common theme in adult romance. It’s a common theme because it's common in real life. Far more of it goes on than ever reaches the news.


   Throughout the three books, other characters are involved that influence their lives. Some influence them in a good way while others not so good. People make mistakes and sometimes they suffer terribly for them. Most people feel it is always best to confess your sins, come clean, as it were. In book three, I think I make a good case for taking some of your sins to the grave. Margaret Cooper, one of the characters in books one and three, is an interesting person, and I am looking forward to writing a book about her.


 Mrs. Jone's Secret Life 


Mrs. Jones' Secret Life

Book Two



    Nicholas Adams first noticed Mrs. Jones in his sophomore year of high school, and he became instantly infatuated with her. She was a highly respected, creative writing instructor. She came from one of the founding families of the community and was a virtuous pillar of society. Independently wealthy, she chose to teach just two or three classes in the morning, leaving her afternoons and evenings free to pursue her other interests.

    Now in his senior year, Nicholas was finally in her class. By now, his infatuation had become an obsession, and he began flirting with her. She was able to ignore his advances, but she would eventually cave in to his boyish charm and professed desires.         The creative writing got a little carried away when he wrote a fictional romance about a student and one of his teachers. Upon reading the story, she determined that his story was uncomfortably close to their relationship. He eventually discovered that Mrs. Jones had a secret life. One in which, if exposed, would end her teaching career as well as her reputation. Could she trust Nicholas to keep her secret and become her lover?



    This is a standalone sequel to Mrs. Jones' Secret Life. At forty-one, Samantha Jones was one of his high school teachers. Nicholas, now eighteen had a huge crush on her. There's something about chemistry and physical attraction that transcends age, race, and religion. She had to overcome the taboo of such a union, but chemistry finally won out.       The emotional and physical relationship they shared was the most gratifying thing she had ever experienced. As we learned in the first book, she was not only a teacher; she was also an author, specializing in erotica under the pseudonym of Crystal Summers. She took him under her wing and taught him everything he ever dreamt of knowing about real sex with a real woman.

    She had always been interested in BDSM but had never had a willing partner until now, and Nicholas was willing, very willing. In fact, he was willing to do anything it took to please her. As summer ended, she enrolled him in a prestigious college, and whether he knew it or not, he had become a kept man.


Mrs. Jones Secret Life

Book Three



    This is a standalone sequel to Mrs. Jones’ Secret Life and Tender Restraints. It is a story about a strong, independently wealthy woman who taught school simply because she enjoyed creative writing and her students. She had everything in her life that she could possibly want, or so she thought. Over a period of several months, one of her students, Nicholas Adams, managed to work his way into her heart and eventually they had an affair.

   They were inseparable and spent every possible moment together. The relationship grew, and their bond strengthened as they fell deeply in love and made commitments. She was not only a creative writing instructor, but secretly, she was an accomplished author. She took him under her tutelage and helped him write his first novel.

    In this third book, their love continues to grow, but the fear surrounding their age differences cause each of them to have their own unique set of insecurities. Nicholas began school at the College of Charleston, and she resumed teaching and writing.                Jumping to conclusions, followed by errors in judgment caused them indescribable pain. It threatened their relationship and the love they shared. Endowed with natural intuition and a burning curiosity, Samantha Jones had to know how it had all gone so terribly wrong.

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